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I’d tell Max, learn to putt.

fremitic ideation Have you ever heard of strengthsfinder.com? It has nothing to do with the image on the left. I searched for Ideation and don’t you think this one is pretty crazy?

Anyway, some time ago at the place I worked we all read the first 2 books. The second we’d refer to as now-disco. Almost like one word. I’ve always thought of them as, “First, Break Now, Disco”. One guy added “stabby” to his strengths.

I took the test again and this time, my top strengths are: Ideation, Intellection, Maximizer, Learner and Input. A colleague suggested to create a mnemonic and “I’d tell Max, learn to putt.”, is what I made. If you’ve taken the test, what are your strengths? What acronym or other phrase could you craft them in to?

Advisement Centers

Places for me to seek advice.

  1. sounding boards
  2. informed opinions
  3. the present moment
  4. realization

Sounding boards are my friends and family which offer their permission for me to test their reaction to a statement or feeling of mine. Through discussion with knowledge experts and researching their work, I look to the informed opinions of those with solid facts, or experience with my problem domain. Awareness of the present moment is enhanced for me through meditation and physical activity; such as hiking, dancing, drawing or snowboarding. Moving in and out of the present keeps me in tune with my body, thoughts, feelings and intuition when pondering questions and come to a realization of how to proceed.