It’s MAD to Put All Work Through Discovery

Rube Goldberg Machine

Do we really need to do ALL of this? “Rube Goldberg!” by Dalvenjah FoxFire

I was sitting with a team when their manager came in and asked, “Hey. Are you guys finished with this feature?”

The Scrum Master responded, “We haven’t even had time to even begin the discovery on it yet.”

The manager looked surprised and said, “Oh, OK. Would you let me know when I can see it?” and walked out.

It really surprised me as the feature seemed trivial and so I asked, “What do you need to learn about this? It seems really straight-forward.”

“You’re right.” he said, “We could just build this. But we don’t want to.”

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Evaluate Process Qualities, not Process Compliance

Many people are familiar with process evaluation like The Nokia Test. There are also mash-ups of popular assessments, and I like The Borland Agile Assessment about the best, because it focuses on qualities (We work in an environment of trust and respect), rather than compliance (Single Product Backlog).

Jeff Patton wrote an article, Performing a Simple Process Health Checkup that is based upon properties taken from Alistair Cockburn’s book Crystal Clear.  The following is a modified version that a client and I put together for their context. 

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